([identity profile] wrote on August 8th, 2016 at 02:15 pm
I must say, I never heard about Action Park (Even when it closed down and such; I should have been old enough to notice, but nooo... Did not.). I know there is one slide existing which has a loop, but it is also very steep and you need to protect yourself in several ways IF you wanna use it (I have seen it on TV once... It was not like the slide in the Action Park they showed, but just seeing it on TV scared the hell out of me :D...). Anyways, I feel bad for the people who did get injured or who died on these rides; and especially the fact the owner of Action Park didn't insure it for a year (?) really pisses me off. :\ I hope the newer version is going to be more secure, really... Would you want to go there?
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