22 August 2016 @ 11:41 am
🍁 Crunchy leaves: What's your favorite noise/sound to hear?

I listen to ASMR to go to sleep and I love the sound of brushing hair, or pages turning. The sounds of the brush bristles moving through hair, or massaging the scalp gives me tingles, and relaxes me quite a bit.
Outside of ASMR, I love the sound of wood crackling in a fire, slowly creaking doors.

Misty mornings: What time do you wake up? What for?

I usually wake up between 6-8 AM. That's the time that I naturally wake up. Although I find on days I actually have to be up at that time to be somewhere, it's harder haha. Days where I don't have to do anything, it's not hard at all.

👕 Oversized sweaters: What sweater weather outfit are you looking forward to wearing?

I love big baggy sweaters. Anything that's comfortable. I can't stand tight clothing with elastics, they drive me insane. The problem for me is finding something loose and comfortable, that still looks nice.

🎃 Carved pumpkins: What holidays (popular or Pagan) are you celebrating this Fall?


👻 Ghost stories: What books are you reading, how are they?

I'm currently re reading Battle Royale by Koushun Takami after 10 years. It's still really good, but I find my opinion and views of the characters have changed now that I've gotten older.

Hot coffee: What's your drink this Fall?

I don't have a specific drink for a specific season. I drink the same things year round.

👐 Cold hands: Anyone to hold them?

No, but I have dogs to warm them up.

💀 Spooky shadows: Any increased spiritual activity?

Nope, none that I know of.

🍎 Apple pie: What's cooking? (Or planned to cook?)

Nothing really. I don't cook too much. Mostly I'll cook rice or spaghetti

🔥 Scented candles: 5 favourite smells
1. Newsprint
2. Gasoline
3. Campfires
4. Smudging Sage
5. Patchouli

Hurricanes: What do you do on rainy days?

Sit around inside, play video games, watch movies, read.

🌱 Cinnamon: What are your favorite spices?

I don't really have any favourites, since I don't eat spicy food, or put spice in food too much.

🍂 Haunted hayrides: Do you see your friends over the summer or do you have to wait till fall?

I see what few friends I have in Real Life, throughout the year. I don't really have to wait to see them.

👺 Monster masks: What's your makeup/morning routine?

Really not too much of a morning routine. I rarely, if ever wear make up, I don't see the need for it, but I do have it. I mostly just get out of bed, shower, brush my teeth, get dressed, fix my hair, and that's that.

🐱 Black cat: What pets do you have/want?

3 dogs , 2 rats, 1 hamster , 4 beta fish, 1 bearded dragon.
It's crazy.
When they all die, or I get into a better situation, I'd like a little teacup pig.
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