29 April 2010 @ 08:29 pm
Looking at a very old book from the early 19'00s with Sheilagh. Its really neat, a very old cook book, bound together with a bible page. Someone seems to have used it as a bit of a diary/journal, they wrote a bunch of random and funny things in it. Mostly dates of when ppl died and when they were born.

They always wrote dates, and years. The earliest year written is 1906. Oddly I couldn't find any mention of the Titanic. There is some references to the war, listing people who died in action.

"We traded Daisy for Jip with Mr. Chase the 25 of April 1914 & Jip was 4 years old"

"Rev Mr. Wallace left this circuit July 2 1914"

"Bert Mortson accidently shot and died the 15 day Febuary 1913"
" We bought our new clock the 15 Feb 1913"

"Clinton got his glasses the 13 day of April 1912 someday I want to see Dr.G"

"Gill had that bad break with his engine the 1st of January 1916"

"We bought our old mare March 24 1917"

"Got the young mare in the winter of 1917 3 years old"

Those are just some of the things written in it. From what all is written we took a guess on teh location this person was. Somewhere near Bellville Ontario.

When we read about Bert being shot we sat there laughing until we had tears in our eyes for a good 5 minutes. Then noticed after that, on the same day they wrote that they got a new clock XDD
: relaxed
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