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Not too much to say, you'll get to know me better from my entries :)
Living in Canada.
A bit of an Otaku
I'm a huge animal lover, and tend to get into quite a bit of fandoms too, though I am a bit selective of them. I photograph nature, and love to roleplay.
Also getting back into the jrock I loved in my highschool years. Very interested in jrock/pop and japanese culture.
Currently I'm working in libraries, and it has been one of the most rewarding jobs I've had!
I'm also getting back into Icon making so I will be posting some of those in my journal too!
Feel free to add me! I love meeting new people.
This journal will be mostly friends only :D

sleeping photography books movies creepy stories video games music historical periods/stories/events forensic/murder documentaries travelling Japanese horror meeting new people

Here are the icon rules:
☆ If you do use, please comment, I always like feedback ^^ I want to hear your thoughts, and perhaps tips on how to improve.
☆ You must credit when you use them.

☆ Please DO NOT alter any of my graphics and claim them as your own!.

☆ Find them @ [community profile] piktogramas :D

I am the L of Dreamwidth.

Kyo's Smile is Fucking Cute Sexy Love.


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